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Tom Alter with Naushad on Adabi Cocktail

Sampreshan Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.

Sampreshan Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. Is an organization of young and dynamic professionals
who has ventured into audio-video media with a view for creating a niche for them.

Starting with a modest beginning in the field of film, television and radio production Sampreshan Multimedia Pvt Ltd Has already produced several television serials. Besides
audio- visual programme, production Sampreshan Multimedia Pvt Ltd is working into Event Management also.

Sampreshan today has a state of the art Digital Audio- Video Production and editing equipment set up of its own. With experience in almost every arm of mass media, print medium and audio- visual. With interests in all the mediums of communication the growth has been upward and steady.



With a sound footing in audio-visual world has recently engaged it self with live events as well.
In association with Ghaziabad Development Authority, Sampreshan organized grand Indirapuram Mahotsava in the heart of Indirapuram.

Adabi Cocktail





Jashn - e - Azadi

Other Events

Adabi Cocktail


Adabi Cocktail

Anchored by Tom Alter in Urdu, series brings audience face to face with leading personalities from the film world who share their thoughts in life and culture.

Urdu Bazar

“Urdu Bazar” is a studio based cultural magazine that discusses how and what the contribution of Urdu language to the world of poetry, music and film.


News based Documentary have always been regarded as an integral part of television. Viewers always welcome information presented in an analytical manner.

Other Program

Television is a powerful medium in spreading awareness about social programmes. Sampreshan has also produced several films on social welfare for government agencies.

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It is the professionals associated with the production team that make all the difference.
Hence we have on our panel teams of experienced professionals who have done exemplary work in the field of audio - visual production.

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Sampreshan Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.
Email: info@sampreshan.in
Phone: +91 9811 755 347